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Ultimate Flea Doctor

Ultimate Flea Doctor
Ultimate Flea Doctor
Ultimate Flea Doctor
Ultimate Flea Doctor

Ultimate Flea Doctor

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Ultimate Flea Doctor



More Than 92% of dogs in the USA suffer from fleas and ticks ... and 76% of these dogs have exposed bad medical complications. Unfortunately, Last year, 5,428,580 dogs died because of the complications medical cause by getting bites from fleas and ticks.


These are some of many complications medical, Getting Bites From Fleas and Ticks can cause:









 The revolutionary Flea Doctor™ kills fleas on your pets as you groom their fur. Flea Doctor™ is a safe, effective, chemical-free, electronic comb, guaranteed to kill fleas on contact.

The secret that makes Flea Doctor™ so powerful is a patented technology that reaches deep into your pets fur and releases electric charge when it contacts fleas and ticks, so that guarantee to kills them on contact and removes them from your pet.


All you need to do is to brush it through your dog's hair and the comb releases a slight electronic charge that kills them instantly.

After Flea Doctor™ kills fleas and ticks, the comb gathers the dead fleas, and an eject button lets you discard them hands-free.


  • The Comfort Charge system is a brilliant innovation that instantly kills off the fleas even as you use the product.
  • Not only does this ensure that you don’t have to use harsh and potentially dangerous chemicals to remove ticks or fleas, but it also gives you the assurance that the parasites have been destroyed.
  • Work for Pets of Every Age
  • This product is effective no matter the age of your pet. You can use it on your kitten or your puppy, and also on a mature canine or feline.
  • And if you dislike the inconvenience of applying monthly Toxic topicals, choose Flea Doctor™.

After all, just Flea Doctor™ is more convenient to give than applying a monthly topical like Frontline Plus.

For dogs that don't like to take pills like Bravecto, NexGard or Comfortis — and owners who don't like to administer them — Flea Doctor™ provides lasting flea and tick protection. Even better?

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    Can anybody vouch for this?

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      Hey, I am using this for a while now. I noticed the difference right away

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    Very easy to use, should have bought it earlier

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    Wow looks amazing, does anyone actually have one and has it been tested?

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      Yes, my sister and I love it! Totally easy to use.

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